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Medical Social Services

Medical Social Workers identify the social, emotional and financial problems related to the patient’s illness and take action to advocate for the patient.

Why is this important? In our many years of experience in home health care, it is very evident that the stresses associated with illness are as devastating as the actual health conditions.  The patient and family members are affected emotionally and this could compromise the rehabilitation process.

Sometimes, when a family member is diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, just bearing the news can be very difficult.

Medical Social Workers make this stage less stressful to endure.  They can assist you and your family through:

  • Family Counseling
  • Health Education
  • Hospital Discharge Processing
  • Providing Emotional Support
  • Rehabilitation Guidance
  • Foster Care Placement (if needed)

You can talk to one of our case managers or medical social workers when you call our office – 818-892-1200.   Please get in touch with us today!