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Skilled Nursing

Our Skilled Registered and License Vocational Nurses assist the physician in planning and carrying the home care program. Nurses assess the patient’s status, monitor unstable and acute conditions, give treatments, injections and provide patient teaching.

Nurses from Home Health 4U, Inc. are also capable of providing Catheter Care, Diabetic Care, Infusion Therapy, IV Therapy, Mobility Assistance, Vital Signs Monitoring, Orthopedics, Ostomy Care, Post-Surgery Care, Pre-Surgery Preparation, Pulmonary Care, Tube Feeding, and Wound Care.

The care and attention that you need from a nursing professional can be brought straight to where you live.   You no longer have to leave your home to get the treatment your health requires.   Ask your physician if Skilled Nursing is the right choice for you, or you can schedule an appointment with us for a consultation.