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Why Trust Us

Home Health 4U, Inc. is one of the largest and most trusted home health service providers in the state. Serving our clients from our main office in Granada Hills, California, we coordinate several multi-disciplinary teams to serve the various counties and cities in the area.

Since the beginning, we’ve made it a point to personalize our services. This is also the reason why our clients hold loyal patronage to our services. Over the years, we’ve significantly grown as a home health services company through referrals and recommendations – both by clients and physicians of our clients.

Spreading great service throughout our service areas, soon to be serving you! Your family deserves more than just structured care. At Home Health 4U, Inc., we deliver personalized care and an unwavering faithfulness to fulfill your healthcare needs.

Home Health 4U, Inc. has home health services that are ideal for the elderly, disabled and terminally-ill. We also offer support services and counseling for families.

Call 818-892-1200 today to inquire on the availability of a particular home health program in your area.